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Magnolia's Used Band Uniforms

Used Band Uniforms and Hats for Theater, Marching Bands, and Fun!
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 Black with silver trim


The medalion is reflective silver. Has adjustable chin strap

Over 100 available.






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      band hat





Has a silver triangle medallion

and silver trim around the brim. 

Hat also has clear adjustable chin strap.                          

Comes in Small, medium and Large , all sizes available.

 About 150 available                                



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Black and silver band hat


Has a shiny silver strip around the brim and silver accents.

Silver sunburst medallion.

Adjustable chin strap.





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 Black and gold Marching band hat


Has a inverted, layered shiny triangle medallion. the band around the top of brim is also reflective gold. Adjustable clear chin strap.




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 Black and white Marching band hat

Top is a black vinyl, the middle is white fabric. The trim is silver.

Adjustable strap is clear.

Only two available



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White and Green Hat

with Large starburst medalion.


 Forest green with burnt orange cord edging. The picture doesn't really do justice, very snappy looking hats. Adjustable chin strap. Gold accents. Shako style.

The green is about this color.        

About 14of these Available.




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Navy and Silver marching band hat

Has silver sunburst medallion, silver strip around the brim.

Adjustable chin strap, shako style.

5 Available



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Navy and Gold band hat


White brim with shiny gold border.

adjustable chin strap




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Dark Navy Blue Marching Band Hat


It is a very dark navy, gold lyre medalion. Has gold accents and a gold strip around the brim.

About 100 available Sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large



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 Really really dark Navy hat,

It actually looks black. You can only tell it is navy if you hold it against something black.

Has silver trim around brim, silver accents.

About 5 available.




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 Navy Blue hat with Gold trim

Also has red trim as a accent color.

Shiny gold around the brim makes the hat look very sharp. It has a adjustable chin strap.


Navy Blue and white band hat


Silver trim

Musical lyre medalion. Silver trim around brim

Excellent condition.

Size 6 1/2 - 8

About 100



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Red and white band hat


It matches the number 18 uniform.

White and Red with silver and black details.

Silver sunburst medalion.

Has Chin strap.

There are no smalls left in this style.




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Black and gold band hat

Has a gold sunburst medalion. Decorative shiny gold border around the brim. Adjustable shin strap.



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 Royal blue and black hat

Hats silver accents and a adjustable chin strap. The blue strip is fabric.




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Royal Blue and white band hat


Large gold eagle medallion with gold metal accents. Adjustable chin strap.





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Black and Red Band Hat

With silver trim. New in box!

40 available

Only L and XL left



White and black band hat

Silver accents

Adjustable chin strap 


Navy blue and silver band hat

the triangle in the middle is very three-dimensional. These hats are almost brand new, most still have original tags

clear adjustable chin strap. 


Dark navy hat 


Gold triangle medallion with gold trim around the brim.

Hat also has adjustable chin strap.

Many sizes available. Approximately 200 hats available. 




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 Black Aussie Hat


Hard vinyl with shiny silver band. Has chin strap. Good condition





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 Solid black hat with silver accents.


This hat has no medallion but has three strips of Velcro that any thing could be attached to. We also have white and black asymmetrical hat wraps that go on this hat. Also has two slots for a plume, one is centered and one is off centered to the right. 




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